Papa's Paleteria

Papa's Paleteria is a game in the popular Papa's Games series. Your mission is to play the role of a skilled ice cream artist, preparing cool ice cream dishes for residents and tourists.

How to play Papa's Paleteria

Prepare different types of ingredients from many fruits, such as mango, strawberry, cherry, mangosteen, etc. Mash them until smooth, then fill the molds, and decorate them. So you have colorful, cool ice creams. But this is a bit simple! If you want to attract customers, make ice cream with special flavors!

Below is an example of an ice cream recipe for lemon watermelon ice cream mixed with Tequila:

Put the mixture of watermelon, lemon, Tequila, and sugar into a blender and blend until smooth, until completely dissolved. Then, use a sieve to filter out all the residue and put it into the ice cream mold. Remember to insert an ice cream stick through a lemon slice and secure it at the pinnacle of the cup for some refreshing ice cream.

Try to earn a lot of money to unlock ingredients, molds, and decorations. Play Papa's Paleteria now to create delicious, aromatic ice creams daily.


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