Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is a cooking game where each scoop is a delightful treat! This addictive game has entranced players in the crowded Papa Louie restaurant. As Alberto or Penny, you'll manage the coolest joint in town. The goal is to satisfy customers' cravings with personalized sundaes.

Game Features

  • All-new sundae-building mechanics.
  • Unlockable toppings, syrups, and mixables.
  • Over 50 unique customers.
  • Challenging "Closer" customers.
  • 80 in-game achievements.
  • Weekly paychecks and climb the ranks.
  • Free to play online.

How to Play Papa's Freezeria

Order Station: Take customer orders and note their preferences.
Build Station: Assemble the base of the sundae by adding mixables and syrups.
Mix Station: Blend the ingredients.
Top Station: Add the finishing touches with whipped creams, shakers, sauce toppings, and placeable toppings.

Can I customize the appearance of my workers?

The default uniform for Alberto and Penny is fixed. You can express your creativity through the customization options available for your parlor's lobby.

How do I unlock new ingredients and toppings?

Keep serving customers and leveling up to unlock a plethora of tantalizing ingredients and toppings.

Enjoy and create frozen masterpieces! Explore our collection of Papa's Games. One of them is Papa’s Paleteria. Play it!


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