Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Sushiria is a game in the popular Papa's Games series. Your mission is to run Sushiria Restaurant, satisfying all customers with sushi.

How to play Papa's Sushiria game

Learn how to make the rice fluffy

To create delicious sushi, you must first know how to make the rice perfectly fluffy. Get rice at the building station, and flip the roll cake to have different types of rice.

Learn how to create delicious toppings

There are many types of toppings that you need to consider, such as nori seaweed, salmon, lobster, etc. You must combine these ingredients. You need to pay attention to the flavor of these ingredients before combining them.

Learn how to make milk tea

Customers not only eat sushi but also want to drink milk tea or fruits. You need to learn how to drink and make milk tea. When making tea according to the customer's request, you need to pay close attention to each customer's taste in detail.

Take a break with mini-games

At the end of the day shift, you will participate in fun games. It could be Papa’s Derby or any other game. If you complete the game, you will receive a reward

Restaurant upgrade

Use tips to purchase new items for the restaurant, such as furniture, decorations, posters, new wall paint, and so on. Play Papa's Sushiria now and become a top sushi chef!

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