Papa's Pastaria

As Portallini's primo pasta chef at Papa's Pastaria, you can have a great time cooking! Papa's Pastaria is a place to learn how to make noodles, sauces, and toppings.

There are vacation weddings and hungry people coming to Papa's Pastaria, a new restaurant that you run. As head chef, it's your job to make the best pasta dish possible. Take orders, cook the noodles just right, and add the right sauces and toppings.

Game Features of Papa's Pastaria

  • Bread station with all sorts of breads.
  • Introducing the dining room.
  • Seasonal clothing, furniture, and toppings.
  • Over 83 menu items to unlock.
  • 85 crazy customers.
  • 100 in-game achievements.

How to Play Papa's Pastaria

Order Station: Take orders and prepare to fulfill customers.

Cook Station: Cook noodles to perfection.

Build Station: Add sauces and toppings to the cooked noodles.

Bread Station: Toast a variety of breads to accompany your pasta dishes.

Is there an end to Papa's Pastaria?

Papa's Pastaria offers endless gameplay without a set endpoint. Personal goals remain engaging, ensuring continuous enjoyment for players of all levels.

When to stir pasta in Papa's Pastaria?

In Papa's Pastaria, at the pasta station, cook pasta as customers prefer, either Al-Dente or Regular, by dragging it to a pot and stirring halfway through. 

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