Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria is the sixth Papa Louie game that makes you a better chef! In the fun city of Starlight City, Papa's Wingeria wants you to learn how to make wings and feed picky customers tasty wings and sides.

If you win the prize in Papa's Wingeria, you get to own his newest restaurant. Be ready to work the night shift, taking orders, and making the best wings in town to show off your cooking skills.

Game Features of Papa's Wingeria

  • Fully customizable workers.
  • Dynamic gameplay mechanics.
  • Wide variety of customers.
  • Fun mini games and achievements.
  • Fully customizable lobby.

How to Play Papa's Wingeria

Order Station: Take customer orders.

Fry Station: Deep fry the wings to perfection.

Sauce Station: Coat the wings with a variety of flavorful sauces, catering to each customer's taste.

Build Station: Arrange the wings on platters with garnishes and sides.

Can I customize my worker's appearance in Papa's Wingeria?

Yes! Papa's Wingeria introduces Custom Workers. This allows you to fully design your worker with various features.

How to get more tips and rewards in Papa's Wingeria?

Focus on fulfilling orders accurately and efficiently. Additionally, completing Mini Games and earning achievements will unlock new prizes and rewards. 

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